Looking for the alligator?

The alligator was posted September 27, 2009

Monday, October 18, 2010

Beyond the Slough II

There was a large flock of these birds flying about.

The Wandering Bridge in its' new home for the next few decades

Nature's router?

One Way Trip. Even with little to no wind the fall has started.

I found two different herds of these feral pigs in this area of the preserve.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Beyond the Slough

Larry McMurtry spoke of the 'Wondering Hill' in his
writings of the The Berrybender Narratives.
For the time being, I will call this the 'Wandering Bridge'.
The bridge , built in the 1930s has been witness to our world
as it changed for 70 plus years at multiple sites.

The crossing at the International and Great Northern
Slough is being readied to receive the 'wandering bridge,
maybe for it's last place of rest.

Beyond the Slough....

The road continues to the next waterway.

The Sabine river is beyond. I'll explore

it at the next opportunity

Sorry, I had to take a look.

The information Highway .... The way it used to be.
The telegraph wires still run through the woods.

American Indians called them the
'talking wires'

Looks lie a Hemingway 45 insulator

Mother Nature taking hold of the telegraph line.

Mother Nature welcoming back an old cross tie from the railroad track

Saturday, August 21, 2010

1st vacation of the year

This is the thermometer from the radiator of Mr. Abben's Model A

Front and rear Raccoon foot prints on top of someones shoe print left from yesterday

Mr. Woodpecker looking for a bite.

This raccoon is out in front of the wildlife viewing stand.
He was really focused on the quest of food. I whistled,
thumped on the floor, and called him. He never slowed
down in digging in the mud until I cleared my throat.

This Dragonfly likes yellow jacket snacks. He (it) grabbed
the yellow jacket as it flew by where he was perched.

How many alligators are there in he pond? Two or Three?