Looking for the alligator?

The alligator was posted September 27, 2009

Monday, June 7, 2010

More from this weekend

From the hilltop.... A gentle breeze wafting the fragrance of the surrounding flowers

Not cleared for landing... I was set up at the viewing stand and was pleasently surprised to see the Egrets and Herons returning to the water around the viewing stand.

Pretty soon, the area was filled with birds.
The scene 10 seconds before the bicyclist
passes the viewing stand. These birds have
a really good sense of hearing.

Water Hazard....

Morning stretch

Morning comment

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday Morning

It must have been family day at the preserve. Above, there are at least three raccoons huddled in the fork of the tree.

Small members of the Nutria family are taking a breakfast break. There were four babies with mom, dad was next tree over enjoying the peace and quiet.

Great Egret ...unlike the egrets in Dallas, the ones here didn't appear to be building nest, mating, watching TV or anything.

The Dragon Flies were out in force..

I counted eight Bull Frogs in close proximity to large foot bridge. There were several snakes foraging for food. I'll try to post them in this group tomorrow.

Of course, I had to include my moss and fungi find.

Lighting was in the wrong place, but just to confirm one of the gators is still there.

Tree Frog..staying out of the snakes line of site.

What is that on the frogs brow?

I found another fan of the Mineola Nature Preserve....